Industrial Solution

We offer both troubleshooting and diagnostics, our experienced technicians are specialized in handling industrial hydraulics systems, machinery as well as a range of components.

We can assist with our services to various industrial sectors including:

  • Paper industry.
  • Chemical.
  • Marine
  • Offshore, Oil & Gas.
  • Steel industry
  • Aluminium
  • Construction
  • Automotive.
  • Agriculture.
  • Power Generation.

Our team is well qualified & equipped to visit the Industry sites to inspect the machineries & repair Hydraulic errors.

The following are some of the equipment we regularly service

  • Hydraulic Jacks& Pumps.
  • Material Handling: Pallet Trucks, Fork-Lifts, Cylinders & Pumps.
  • Refuse Truck: Pumps, Cylinders.
  • Hydraulic & Air Cylinders: Dump Truck, Dozer, Backhoe, Loaders
  • Warranty repairs: Hydraulic Pumps, Motor, Valves, Power Units, Vacuum Pumps, Air Valves & Accessories.
  • Hose & Fitting Service & Repair.
  • Cranes - Inspection and repair of Industrial & Mobile hydraulically operated lifting cranes.